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Winona Ryder for Red Magazine April 2014 ph. Max Abadian

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Vidders4ACause || August 1st, 2014

Vidders4ACause is here once again.

Personal Note From Me:
This is such a great cause and I’m happy to be a part. If you’ve ever wanted me to make a specific video, here’s your chance. You can “buy” me and I’ll edit a video for you. :)

The premise is simple, when an auction starts any person who is signed up and willing to bid can do so with any amount and on as many vidders as they’d like. When the auction ends, the highest bid on each vidder will win a video of their choice from that vidder! All money donated goes directly from your hands to a charity of your choosing.

More Info on V4AC: http://vidders4acause.webs.com/aboutus.htm

Profile: http://vidders4acause.webs.com/apps/profile/44741085/

Bidding starts August 1st!

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Evan Rachel Wood for Interview Magazine

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deaflock replied to your post “deaflock replied to your post “deaflock replied to your post: Maybe…”

I didn’t really like it but I saw it through. I always have to finish a movie hah. I’m glad you liked it. :)

Yeah, I mainly watched it for Kodi Smit-Mcphee. But I didn’t feel like I wasted my time. Plus Cannibals.

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deaflock replied to your post “deaflock replied to your post: Maybe watching The Road at night…”

let me know what you think about it when you finish it. :)

I liked it. I didn’t read the book, so I can’t compare. But I enjoyed it. What did you think of it?

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

(2x07 The Gang Exploits a Miracle)

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deaflock replied to your post: Maybe watching The Road at night isn’t…

I have seen that movie, what do you think of it so far?

So far, I’m enjoying it. I like dark themed/survival movies.

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Maybe watching The Road at night isn’t the greatest idea…I just heard some people outside and my first thought was cannibals.

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