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I watched that one movie where the Hulk has a sex addiction, and starts dating Pepper Potts. Meanwhile, Olaf is doing things Olaf shouldn’t be doing, but then befriends P!nk. Soooooo……..yeah.

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deaflock replied to your post “I honestly can’t choose between Quentin Tarantino’s Richie Gecko, or…”

I love the from dusk till dawn one with george clooney & quentin tarantino. I didn’t know there was a tv show! I’ll have to check that out.

It’s one of my favorite Robert Rodriguez movies! I was incredibly hesitant to watch the series. But finally took the plunge, knowing that it was Robert Rodriguez again. Haven’t gotten past episode two, but I really want to finish it for the Richie Gecko.

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Richie Gecko comparison post
Tarantino’s version is a nerdy, psychopath, bank robbing, rapist Killer

Zane Holtz’s version is more mentally tortured and controlled which leads him to kill women. He’s also a lot more confident and intelligent than the original and points out his best attributes: Scientist, Tactician, Lock artist, Mastermind, prodigy

I honestly can’t choose between Quentin Tarantino’s Richie Gecko, or Zane Holtz’s Richie Gecko. This upsets me.

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Roadtrip, Hour 3: Teapot Memorial Park.

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●I got tagged● by MeliaWallace

I finally got tagged by BackwardBlossom!

Just some facts about my vidding and whatnot.

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Favorite Ilana Wexler outfits

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